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Jeepers Creepers, a horror movie series, is about one of the most demonic beings to ever walk this planet. Its director, Victor Salva, who became popular for all the wrong reasons, manages to put across some of the scariest movies of all times. The franchise borrows its name from a song with the same title that first played in the movie, Going Places (1974) by Warner Bros. You can watch the entire series online with a subscription of the one of these reliable high speed internet service providers.


The First Installment: Jeepers Creepers

The first movie in the series came out in 2001. The movie opens on an abandoned country road and the siblings Trish (played by Gina Philips) and Darry Jenner (portrayed by Justin Long) are driving back to their home. They are in the middle of a typical brother-sister argument when an old van tries to run them off the road. They let the van pass, but later they see the driver of the same vehicle dressed in shabby brown overalls. He seems to be dumping large bags which appear to be similar to wrapped human bodies, in a pipeline behind an old church. The siblings freak out. However, against his better judgment, Darry decides to investigate the mysterious man even against the protests from his sister. Trish holds his legs, while Darry looks inside the pipe. The next moment, Darry screams, and a surprised Trisha drops him. What Darry sees next is only the beginning of his very own nightmare and a trailer of the horror that awaits them. Darry sees hundreds of mangled human corpses lying under the church. He somehow finds his way out and both he and Trisha make a run for the nearest gas station to contact the police. Meanwhile they are also contacted by a psychic, Jezelle Gay Hartman (played by Patricia Balcher), who tries to warn them about the magnitude of the danger they are in. But they choose to ignore her. The responding police van is also attacked by the same driver. It is during this time that the siblings realize that they are not up against a murderer but the demon itself. They drive by to the closest police station where the local psychic meets with them again. She is the one who provides some explanation to the series of events that had unfolded that day. She informs Trish and Darry that the creature that has been chasing them down is called ‘The Creeper’ (portrayed by Jonathan Breck). It is in its nature to kill and feast on human bodies, and that it hunts for 23 days on every twenty third spring. She also tells them that he identifies his victims by smelling fear in them and that one of them is going to die. The movie definitely has its share of gory scenes and frightening sequences. The film moves at a nice pace and is full of surprises that will scare the living soul out of you. The movie enjoyed a good response when it came, which encouraged the makers to go for a sequel.


The Second Installment: Jeepers Creepers 2

The second edition of the movie hit the screens in 2003. The plot of the movie revolves around the events that occur three days after the climax of the first movie. There are two stories that run simultaneously in this movie that eventually converge. In one scene, the Taggart family, is building scare crows in their cornfield. All of a sudden, one of the scarecrow comes to life and flies away with the youngest son, Billy (played by Shaun Fleming). His father, Jack Taggart Sr. (played by Ray Wise) and brother, Jack Taggart Jr. (played by Luke Edwards), come to his rescue but they are too late. The very next day and as shown in the movie, the 23rd day since the Creeper’s appearance, a school basketball team, cheerleaders and their supervisors are on a deserted road, when a tire goes bust. They are stranded and this is when the flesh eating winged terror arrives. Meanwhile, the Taggart family, who are still investigating, come to know about the attack on the bus and decide to rescue the survivors. This is followed by an unstoppable blood bath with no hope in sight. They try to kill the creature with all the weapons and tactics that they could find, but the demon does not seem to budge. In the end, Taggart and others attack it with a harpoon and stab it repeatedly. It does seem immobile, but they come to know that it has just gone into hibernation for the next twenty three years and has not really died. The movie closes with an old Taggart sitting by a crucified Creeper that has actually become an attraction as their farm. He is on the ready for the Creeper since it is due to come to life again in a few days. The movie was a success too, however, fans liked the first one better. Whatever be the case, Jeepers Creepers did strike a chord with its audiences and the third part of the franchise is eagerly awaited.


The Third Installment: Jeepers Creepers 3

There have been many rumors about the third edition of this popular series. There has been lots of rumors that have floated around as to when the next one will be released. In 2011, even IMDB ran the news that Jeepers Creepers 3 has started filming. The news also came as a surprise to its creator, Victor Salva. It is obvious that the audiences expect a third part since the first two have been a success and the third is going to be a sure shot hit. It makes complete sense since the franchise is a cash cow and not milking it would not be good business either. Some time back, there was also some news about turning it into a TV series, but it is not sure if that plan has been given any serious thought or any work is being put in, in that direction. The third movie is most probably going to see the light of the day in 2015. It will be set two decades after the second movie and will feature characters from both the first and the second film. It has also been reported that the movie will include the background story of the Creeper itself. The plot is all about Trish from the first movie who is now rich, successful and settled in her life. She also has a son, whom she has named Darry, in the memory of her brother who was killed by the Creeper. Recently, she has started getting these nightmares that the Creeper is going to come after her son too. This is when she teams up with the Taggarts and the other victims of the demon and decides to end its terror.

jeepers creepers 3

The Jeepers Creepers franchise has established its director in the horror genre. Not only this, some of the performances in the movie, including those of Gina Philips and Justin Long, make it worth a watch. The best part is that even after 14 years of the first movie and such a long gap between sequels the franchise has not lost public interest. It is an interesting movie series with all the right twists and turns. Hopefully, 2015 will bring with it the third part and end more than a decade long wait of its fans….


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